Upon our return from vacation, each pet had her own trademark greeting for us.

The dog spent 16 nights at a kennel, with, I’m guessing, approximately 100 dogs barking 24 hours a day; the cat spent two relaxing weeks lounging in the comfort and quiet of her own home, made even more peaceful without children dashing about and no canine predators to chase her.

The cat looked relaxed and refreshed.   Of course, she also had her masseuse (aka cat sitter) stop by to check on her regularly.  I suspect the cat sitter gives her massages…  She looked relatively happy to see us, at least until the kids came in.

“Oh, gee, you’re home already?  Look at me!  By napping 23 hours a day, I erased all my stress-related kitty eye wrinkles and frown lines.  See how great I look?

no wrinkles


“Wow — let me tell you, what a great vacation without the d….  WHAT THE ???”

what the fooey?




Conversely, the dog was extremely happy to see the cat.  And us.  And her house.  And her yard. And everything.


“Ohboyohboyohboy, kitty, I am sooooo happy to see you!  Is it really you?  Did you miss me too??  HUh? Huh? HUH?

JaneJaneJaneJaneJANE, am I dreaming??  I thought I would never see you again!  I thought you were eaten at the the watering hole!

I’m so happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyohboyohboyohboyohboy!”

insert maniacal wagging here


Kitty then went outside, preferring the company of the coyote to all of us embarrassing idiotsAlthough not before rubbing against the dog’s legs.

Methinks, like someone else we know, she likes the pup more than she lets on…