candid photography

Jane’s Candids Children’s Portraits

I enjoyed the creative freedom and flexibility of running my own children’s portrait business, Jane’s Candids Children’s Photography.  It was great fun to try to capture each child’s personality as they ran around outside.  I wore old, comfy clothes because I crawled around on the mud and stones and grass chasing after toddlers who were following butterflies.  I also met some wonderful families throughout the area.  I am grateful for the opportunity to develop my passion for photography, and all the willing subjects who wandered my way.


Because, really, how cute is this??

I took pictures, and got paid for it.  It was a good gig.

Sometimes, my favorite shot would be one where the cutie du jour was not necessarily smiling.

Take this photo, for example, where the child has clearly figured out that his mom should not have to pay someone to take his picture when he himself is so adorable that a monkey could do it.

Jane’s Candids Children’s Photography was my perfect gig during that chaper of my life.

desert flower

Nature Photography

Since I purchased my first SLR in 1986, photography of nature has been a calming practice.  As we travel, it is often the act of taking photographs that brings me as much pleasure as the scenes I view.  Note: when hiking our way across Utah’s glorious national parks, the journey does take a bit longer when I stop to take a picture* of each flower.

*Or three.

*Maybe twelve.

Taking one hundred photos of one butterfly continues to be meditative for me, decades later.

flutterby posing

flutterby 2008

2 thoughts on “candid photography”

  1. Jane, Your stories definitely touch a chord and are hilarious! I love your slant on life! 🙂

  2. Very neat photography. Your work still adorns a prominent place above the fireplace mantel. You are a woman of many talents.

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