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1. 15 days on the road is exponentially longer than 11.

2. The Ford F-350 Super-Duty has superior towing capacity.  We did not actually drive one — I just picked up this trivia from the conversations around me.

3. If the Yosemite Lodge pamphlets and wall placards say “don’t leave your windows open if you have food in the room”, it is a good idea to heed their advice.

4.  The shiny red HHR looks really cool in the rental car Emerald Aisle, but is smaller than it seems at first (giddy) glance.

5.  It takes less than five minutes after returning home to hear the Ode To Joy again, and that’s a good thing.

6.  If the jam-packed-whirlwind-o’-fun trip itinerary does not plan for a down day of doing nothing, my body will create a down day against my will.

7.  Immodium really works.

8.  Turns out I love those boys (all three of them) even more than I thought.

9.  My kid will eat squid.


10.  No matter how good the trip, I am always happy to be back home.


As a bonus, here’s #11 :

Fish with big lips are kinda creepy (and the Monterey Bay Aquarium is spectacular).

Mr. Lips