long face kenz

My dog talks to me during the day.  Not the way the Oreos talk to me when I am alone in the house; she makes sounds that other people can hear,

a rrrrwaRrr  rRwaaarrr rwwaRRaar.

I am pretty sure I know what she is trying to “say”:  “… hey there, Mrs. More-Highly-Evolved-Mammal, how about you back away from the computer and use those opposable thumbs of yours to hook the leash on this here collar and take me for a little walk around the neighborhood????”

I may not be clear on all the subtle nuances, but I am fairly certain of the main idea. One look at her long face and I don’t even need to hear the words.

Which reminds me of an old joke:  a writer asks “What time is it?  and the dog answers “Now, now, now, now, now!!”  There is no past or future for the dog, it is always now.  Always a good time for a walk, even when we just returned from one.