“Hello, my name is Mommy.  I’ll be your server today.  May I start you off with a glass of juice or other refreshing cold beverage?”

The Little One went to bed with a head cold, and sure enough, he woke up with it too.  After much snorfling and moaning, we determined he better stay home from school.  His face brightened up just a tad, through all its crustiness, and he asked “does this mean I can have breakfast in bed?”  (??????????)  (It must be noted here that I never bring him breakfast in bed, so he was really tossing up a hail mary pass with this one).

Hmmm.  I had already called my girlfriend earlier in the morning — the one I was planning to meet today to have coffee and a long overdue chat– and asked her if she thought it was wrong for me to consider propping him up in front of a TV and letting him convalesce whilest I met her for a hot caffeinated beverage as planned.

“Jane, they are little for such a short time.  Take advantage of this chance to snuggle up and take care of him.”  She is a wise woman, and often my voice of reason.

So, yes, I did prop up his pillows, bring him some juice and take him breakfast in bed — with a side order of snuggles.  Eventually he said “Geez, mom, can you quit kissing me?”,  and it was off for a hot bath to clear his nose.  (Frankly, kid, if you don’t want muchas smooches, you’re going to need to tough it out at class.) Two hours later, he announced he felt fine to go to school.  Coincidentally, it was almost time for lunch and recess…  but I’ll just tell myself it was the love that did the trick.