A quick update: so far, the first round of treatment has gone much better than we expected! I went in for the first chemo infusion on Friday, May 29 with Don at my side, feeding me crackers and cracking jokes and fighting his compulsion to test all the buttons and levers on the cool laz-ee-boy recliner/wheelchair where I was parked. (He only released the brake once.) Even with the recliner brakes secure, the whole experience was a TRIP let me tell you, but not painful at all. Just trippy. We remained calm and frankly quite curious when the nurse donned a full body disposable haz-mat suit to administer one of the meds into the IV, especially since Don was sitting right there and Don did not don a suit and had to sit there unprotected while she slowly injected into the IV what looked like a very thick syrup of possibly Red Dye #40, which we all know from the FDA warnings is quite lethal and therefore you should not drink too much red Kool-Aid because you might get cancer.

That kind of trippy.

Anyway, the post-trip med protocol did a fine job of minimizing most of the anticipated side effects, other than my mouth tasting like a coin purse full of dirty nickels. Small price to pay, really. Every day has ups and downs but mostly ups. We are just riding the coaster and figuring out day by day what help we might need. My three men have been taking great care of me.

Thank you everyone for your support. I am buoyed and blessed each day with the positive thoughts and prayers from those close to me and those I’ve never even met.