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It’s quiet around here…  maybe a little too quiet.

The cats have gradually come out of hiding, casting furtive glances around the room, listening carefully for the boys that had just recently been jumping out of the woodwork with Nerf “guns”.  I was repeatedly assured that no one was aiming at the cats, however I can speak from experience that the sensation of nerf darts whizzing past one’s ears is disconcerting at best.  I can only imagine how much it freaks out a cat.  Especially Meep, who is not quite sure how she feels about her own shadow.

I am thankful that these crazy kids are still very entertained and amused by spongey ammunition, truly one of the simpler pleasures of life.  And for some reason, they argue less when they are shooting each other.  I don’t care that the basement is redecorated in Early Pillow Fort Bunker.  Technology is great, but you just can’t run around the house and leap out from behind couches to ambush someone while brandishing a cell phone.

Anyway, the cats have cautiously ventured out and are settling back into naps on the now-quiet boys’ beds.

The dog is wearing a look somewhere between boredom and relief.

I have much more uninterrupted writing time.

The Fabulous Bicker Brothers, exit stage left, boarding the bus.  A  new year has begun.  And yep, you guessed it, I miss them.