Things are hoppin’ here in Ohio, with the switch back to sunshine and warmth.  We are ready for April and Easter and chocolate bunnies and real bunnies and all things pastel.  We had a minor setback here when some local Polly Positive decided to wash all the winter coats and put them away while it was still March.

OK, I’ll admit it.  It was me.  But let’s all just be thankful that I did not also wash the mittens.

…or this could have been much, much worse.

To be on the safe side, I will leave all the mittens where they are until next winter.


A few hours later, the snow disappeared in the sunshine, leaving this crocus looking particularly hopeful.  It amazes me how a delicate plant can burrow a perfectly round hole through something like a crumbly dry leaf, without the bud bending or the leaf shattering.  A crocus flower will flop under the weight of a large raindrop, but it can slice its way through an obstacle like a knife through butter.  Maybe the key is moving very slowly.  This is comforting to me, since slow is my modus operandi.  (Had to throw that in for all those enthusiastic new Latin fans out there.)

It’s a petal powered drill bit of sorts.

This feels like the perfect spot to say something truly profound about life, but I can’t think of anything.  Can anyone lend me a soaring and inspiration metaphor?  It would be a nice touch.


In addition to floral musings, I have been working hard on growing out a disastrous haircut, identifying the source of the kitten flatulence problem, and pondering the next potential fork in the road.  More to come.