It is snowing.  Big, lumpy clumps of snow flakes, the kind that makes it look like the neighborhood was a giant snowglobe tipped upside down at some point last night, then set back down very gently this morning right before the alarm went off.  It is beautiful.  Sure wish I could find the connector cord to my camera so I could show you a photo.  Hmmmph.

The Little One collects snowglobes.  I find it an unlikely collection for a rough-and-tumble sort of kid.  Then again, we never know what they are going to turn into next, do we?   At any rate, he is excited about the snowglobiness of the view outside.  We stood next to each other and pretended we were inside the snowglobe, and someone up in the sky was looking in.  Kinda fun for a while.  (A little creepy after the concept sank in.)

It looks like a snow day, but it is not a snow day.  It is a two-hour-bus-delay day.  Which, considering we have had two snow days already this week?  And they have actually gone to school only two days since December 18th?  I think they should go give it a try.