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Let me apologize right off the bat for the uncontrolled use of exclamation points in that title.

Day One of the Great Writing Adventure got off to a rocky start yesterday, but finished strong and I drifted off to dreamland last night with a sense of accomplishment.  Day One final wordcount:  1799.

So far, I am loving the writing program Scrivener (note:  this is not a paid endorsement.  There is an unfortunate lack of pay for anything at the moment.  My rave reviews are merely the excitement of a software newbie who is amazed by the features of anything beyond Word.)  The program saves my work every two seconds, so there is little worry that any of the gobbledeegook of output will be lost to the ages.  And I do mean gobbledeegook — when the kitten walks across my keyboard, as she is compelled to do often because she wants to commandeer my hands, random words such as


count as actual words in the daily tally.  Sweet!  And I doubted my ability to hit 50,000.  Luckily most of the words I type on purpose seem to make sense.

Scrivener also saves everything that I delete, which offers peace of mind since I worry that my fingers will accidently spaz out and inadvertently hit the delete button.  This could also come under the heading of Freudian slip, depending on how things are going at the keyboard.  Either way, I can go back and retrieve off the cutting room floor if need be.

My next step is to stop checking my wordcount every five minutes, which is, of course, detrimental to the wordcount itself.  The irony is not lost on me but I am powerless to resist.

And what am I writing about, you ask?  I am no longer telling anyone about my final choice of storyline, as the several attempts to share subject possibilities with family members ended in disasters of confidence.  For now, I’ll just plink along privately.  Other than offering suggestions of better alternative storylines than my initial concepts, everyone here on the homefront has been supportive of my adventure, and I appreciate that.

Day Two wordcount as of now:  2967.  Just a bit behind schedule, but exceeding my expectations.  Onward we go!