We are having a good time with our new kitten friends.  They bounce around the house like ping pong balls now that they are feeling better.  CowboyKitty has proven to have many virtuous qualities, pingponginess for example, but cleanliness is not one of them; his fur has looked a bit disheveled since the day we brought him home.  White fur on cats should be white, right?  Not beige, or taupe, or ecru?  In his defense, he was sick(er than we thought possible), so we cut him some slack on the whole hygiene idea.  And therefore, I was so happy to see him actually grooming himself one day, I took a picture of it.

I snapped this photo right before he ripped open the delicate site of his kitty vasectomy.

whoa up on the stiches, big fella

Hey!  I have a great idea!  Let’s go back to the vet!

Luckily(?), I already had a vet appointment for MiaKitty that very day so he could just tag along.  Who knew that for him, cleanliness would be next to vet-liness?

This little guy makes us laugh everyday with his kittenish antics, but his litterbox habits are another “area for improvement”, at least according to Mia and the rest of the feline population.  Training a kitten is the polar opposite experience from potty training a puppy — really, it could not be easier.  They seem to come out of the chute knowing just what to do as long as a litterbox is handy.  He actually uses the litterpan flawlessly, but then he neglects to cover up his business.  I thought this was Rule #1 in the Kitty Handbook.  Mia just goes in after him, shoots him a dirty look, and proceeds to cover it up.  Can a girl kitten mutter under her breath?  If she could, she would.

From my view, it is the feline equivalent of the guy leaving the toilet seat up.

Now, this morning?  He had poo on his head.  How in the hell does a cat get poo on his head?  They are the cleanest animals on earth, I muttered under my breath.  He didn’t mind his sponge bath too much though. (But, really, what guy does?)