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I am proud of our President.  At the same time, I feel befuddled, astounded and saddened by the actions of some people, hopefully a vocal minority, and their reaction to his televised speech to the nation’s schoolchildren set for today.

Read his back-to-school speech, if you want.  Decide for yourself if it is a conspiratorial left-wing socialist brainwashing invasion of vulnerable young minds, or just a speech from our democratically elected leader meant to encourage and inspire kids to do their personal best at the start of this new school year.

My kids will not hear his speech today.  Our school district is not showing it today.  That’s 18,000 kids that are sent one message before they even hear the speech, just here in my town.  That means it’s up to us as parents to help them find and hear the positive message in his speech, and the political situation surrounding it.

Some parents choose to speak up, in ways big or little.  As found on the Daily Kos, here is one Ohio mom’s permission slip for today:

“Despite the warnings of right-wing radio hosts, and fully cognizant that my daughter risks learning a lesson in civics, I, nonetheless, grant her permission to watch a televised address by the duly-elected leader of these United States, President Barack Obama, on the controversial subject of the importance of school.”

That note helps me laugh a little when what I really want to do is cry.  The whole situation is so absurd it leaves me speechless.  The negativity is so thick it is up to our ankles.  What can we do but try to put the event in context for the kids by talking to them about the importance of freedom of speech;  about listening to others’ viewpoints respectfully but making our own decisions;  about why some people are so filled with hate and bitterness that they see everything the President does through that lens.

Great, that will all be easy to explain.

Good grief.  Makes me yearn for the carefree days of explaining the birds and the bees