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Here it is again:  a quick round-up of search terms that curious people seeking answers to life’s nagging questions typed into their search engine of choice and ended up on my blog instead…

Jane Killborn”    (hard-core gore thriller author Jack Kilborn‘s eccentric aunt?)

how to get dogs and cats to get along”    (remains a mystery to all of us….)

daily mirror cartoon jane”   (can I speak in word bubbles?  That would be fun.)

guinea hen cooked in pig bladder”   (Cool! I actually talked about that one…)

something important”   (isn’t that a rather vague search phrase?)

candid tween”  (I get a lot of visitors with that one)

find my head”  (if you lose your head, can you find it online?)

zebra sounds”  (being a fan of blogger/author Judy Clement Wall is lucrative)

And, what remains the most popular random link that googlers follow to reach jane, candid??

pre-wash cycle

Yes, where upstanding citizens looking for real advice on how to operate the pre-wash cycle on their dishwasher instead find pictures of my dog licking the plates

As a writer, one likes to think that people visit said blog on purpose — but if I get a candid tween obsessed, guinea hen cookin’ pet whisperer who lost her head because the dishwasher pre-wash was broken?  I’ll take it.  All are welcome.