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I like the blog AskWaitLeap where there are always insightful musings, funny anecdotes, occasionally a poignant poem, and stories from her adventurous life.  You can’t miss reading about an escapade where she cut off the end of her finger at roughly age ten, and she and her friends sewed it back on themselves and never told her parents, who presumably also never noticed.

Yes, this woman has stories to tell.

I was amused by her recent exploration into one of life’s mysteries: the curious case of…  the missing socks.  A mystery indeed.  My pile of singleton socks ebbs and flows, and mates show up weeks or months later.  I could throw away the singles each time, but, just like the unwanted plants that get a new home at my house, I don’t like the single socks to end their days alone.

Taking the topic a step further (into quantum physics?) is the very clever article “Laundry: A Quantum Mechanical Approach” by Brian Reardon.  It’s tucked in on a laundry website, right between septic protection and lint build-up.  Here is an excerpt:

“The first modern attempt to explain the fundamental questions of laundry involved the decay theroy.  The decay theory states that the quantity of socks can be expressed as a decreasing exponential function of time which is analogous to radioactive decay.”

Ohhhh, so THAT’s where the socks go.  I get it now!  I don’t know why I find Mr. Reardon’s Quantum Theory of Laundry so hilarious, but I do.  Any other sock theories out there?