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Yesterday was a milestone day for me — this blog zoomed right past the 5,000 hit mark!  I am very grateful that so many people stop by (either accidentally or on purpose) to read my little stories.  I suspect my sister may account for about 1,000 of the blog visits, as she is and has always been my biggest fan and most loyal supporter of my every endeavor.  Maybe other readers are drawn into the whole dog/cat dichotomy.  It’s hard to tell.  Either way, it is much, much, much more fun with readers and comments, so keep those cyber cards and letters coming!

One amusing aspect of the wordpress blog statistics is the list I receive of search engine terms that landed people onto jane, candid.  People type interesting things into their google-type search engine of choice, and as you know, you never know what will come up in any given search.  Here is how some people found this site just today:

noo Gilligan’s Island

clown shoes

iris and her girlfriend carry

kids swimwear 2009

nicest way to say “scaredy pants”

I imagine all these folks were surprised to land here, since other than clown shoes and scaredy-pants, I don’t think I ever mentioned those other topics of interest, and my posts likely did not answer their burning questions.  More surprised are the many people who search “pre-wash cycle” in the sincere hope of technical dishwasher advice, and instead find photos of my dog licking off the dirty dishes while the cat watches in disgust.  Googlers, beware.

I love doing this blog and I hope the stories can keep you entertained for 5,000 more visits. (That’s cumulative, I don’t expect any of you to come back 5,000 more times.  Except maybe my dear, much-loved sister.)