As someone who occasionally feels the need to wordsmith words to fit an occasion or circumstance, I enjoyed this list of Top Ten Favorite Words (Not in the Dictionary) from Merriam Webster.  Who doesn’t feel confuzzled on occasion when searching for just the right word?  Certainly when one is wordling, or twitterpating, it can happen.

NPR’s CarTalk, one of my fav radio programs, was the source of a new family favorite term: garage mahal.  As in, a garage of such ginormous size that it rivals the house itself in scope and grand design.  Once again, it is those funny folks over at Merriam Webster behind the list — who knew dictionary people were such a woot?  They have a stodgy reputation that is clearly not deserved.  (I would add library folk to that category as well;  turns out they can be quite clever with their humor.)

As my spell-checker has a conniption (real word!), I’ll dare to ask:

What are some of your favorite wordsmithed words?


To get you started, I’ll offer my newest:

*blimpofied*:  the uncomfortable state of digestion after ordering all-u-can-eat BBQ ribs at Walt’s Barn O’ Pork.

Hypothetical situation, of course.