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On a recent trip to Chicago, we had the opportunity to visit some incredible museums.  It was not quite the famed Million Museum March of family lore, but we packed a lot into a couple days.  This handsome fellow graced the atrium of the Field Museum of Natural History.  Turns out our local museum center membership gave us free admission to many of Chicago’s best, so we were able to come and go without those pesky fees.  The program is called the ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers) Travel Passport Program. What a deal!

We watched the movie Night at the Museum quite a while ago, but the scenes still fueled our imaginations — at every turn we would stumble upon something that would be very creepy to see come to life after closing hours…  Usually art museums are more my scene, but experiencing the Museum of Science and Industry through the eyes of the boys (all of them) made it much more rewarding and fun.

Reconnecting with some wonderful cousins of mine, meal after meal of fabulous food, the feeling of staying downtown in a vibrant city — some of my favorite things.  Another unforgettable moment:  doing my first book signings.  Not formal signings, just signing the stock on the shelves and seeing the “autographed copy” sticker be placed on the front.  It was a thrill for this beginning writer, no doubt about it.