For me, one of the wonders of the blogoshere is this ability to find kindred spirits anywhere in the world.  Until very recently, I met people through the traditional walks and walkings of life, made many wonderful friends and interesting acquaintances — but my web of connections was based on where I lived, where the kids went to school; plus fate, luck, destiny, divine intervention and those six degrees of separation.  Along my merry way, I had not yet managed to meet someone who shared my vintage cookbook fetish, cooking contest winner fantasy, librarian aspirations and who is also an accomplished author who incorporated her love of food into her stories.  I did not spend much time thinking about the existence of such a person; but really what are the chances? And even if she did exist, how likely that our paths ever cross??

Viola!  Through fate, luck, destiny, divine intervention, the internet, blogs, and Karen’s trail of bread crumbs, I found such a person!  Does she play the harp?  We don’t know yet!  But just thinking about how wildly random this is makes me think in exclamation points!

The blog Vintage Cookbooks by Amy combines recipes from by-gone eras (the 70’s do count), vintage photos (photographic food styling in the 1950’s is quite amusing), cheeky commentary on culinary choices and… reviews of YA novels.

This is my kind of blog.

So, just in time for Easter dinner, check out her posts on Bunny Breads, and Baked Glazed Hams trimmed with candied orange daisies, and salad baskets with green pepper handles.  I find this so charming; you may be befuddled.  To each their own basket of goodies.

My friend Joan says that we all meet for a reason.  Tell me, have you ever unexpectedly found someone that shares your uncommon combination of interests?  I’d love to hear your list, and your stories…