There is an ongoing debate in my household about the “best” way to load the dishwasher.  I just put the dishes in.  Apparently that is not exactly right.  Apparently it is very important to stack them using a very complex logarithm that maximizes the mean number of individual dishes that can be wedged into every nook and corner.  It does not seem to matter much to this particular member of my household (who shall remain nameless) that the dishes do not get as clean when there are 537 of them in a single load.  I end up putting them through the dishwasher again a second time when this unnamed person leaves the house.

I think the dishes come out bright spanky super-clean when I load the dishwasher the “not as right” way.  Especially when I use the pre-wash cycle.

Before activating pre-wash, be sure to check the back of the dishwasher for something scary:

check the back for something scary

Activate pre-wash. (Note the cat looks disgusted about the whole spectacle.)


Handy tip: the pre-wash is also self-cleaning. (Even the top of the nose.)


Note To Self:  set the real sanitize button after every pre-wash.