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Yesterday, March 4th, was National Grammar Day.  Freelance Editor Gabrielle Harbowy had a funny take on the day over on her blog.  I am disappointed that I missed this specific chance to celebrate good grammar.  Really.  In my youth, I would read dictionaries for fun; in high school, I would amuse myself by constructing sentences with triple-negatives with my friend Kelly (in Latin class).  My own grammar, especially when blogging in a conversational style, is obviously loose.  Still, I do appreciate the proper use of a colon.  (Wait, that did not come out right.)

I believe I missed National Grammar Day because of all the hoopla at my geeky house about National Square Root Day on March 3rd.  There is also all the anticipation about National Pi Day on March 14th.  (When The Professor told me about that one, I thought he meant PIE.)

Luckily, today is World Book Day,  AND we are still in the middle of Words Matter Week.  Life is Good.