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I have planned to snap some photos of the crocus in my garden as they begin to peek out from the cold ground.  Crocus are my favorite flower;  they are to me the first beautiful color after the winter of gray and brown and white.  The grand idea was to document their emergence as a symbol of hope that spring will, indeed, arrive on its own time — with day-by-day photojournalistic updates of them poking out their little green arms and gradually exploding in bloom.  Now that I write it down, it does not sound that exciting…  (as in, maybe this summer I could take pictures of the lawn and you could watch the grass grow, etc. etc. )

On my way to the *mailbox* today, I learned something:  instead of spending my time stalking the mailman, if I just look down at where I am, today, I will find what I am looking for.

It’s too late for the crocus cam, but never too late to learn.