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life is a blur
Do you ever feel that your kids are growing up so fast, you have to stop and try to focus amid the blur?

My wonderful sister-in-law once gave me this wise advice:  “The days may go by so slowly, but the years fly by too quickly.”

I did not believe her when my babies were small.  Those days, and weeks, and months were L-O-N-G.  I did not recognize what doing that job 24/7 would do to an introvert like me.  I was never alone long enough to fully recharge.  I stumbled through life, day after long day, wondering what was wrong with me.  To have uninterrupted time in those days, I had to resort to tricks, such a 2 lb. bag of m&ms doled out one at a time to a toddler.  In retrospect, that was a really bad idea.  Unfortunately, sometimes desperation is the mother of invention.

Now, when I write, it recharges me.  It helps me look at single snapshots of my life with my kids, and reflect on the Now of it.  The years have started flying by, indeed.  I better write fast to keep up.