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Camping is that special kind of vacation where later sleeping with your head on a loaf of bread and a box of baggies feels GREAT.

Camping takes me out of my comfort zone.  I’ll agree to it several months in advance, when it sounds so outdoorsy and romantically rustic; then hate myself when packing for it; then doubt my sanity when in the middle of it.  Then when it’s all over, I can look back and say “WOW, that was amazing and I never would have seen 97% of the coolest stuff had we not been camping!!”

I have my brother to thank for the adventures.  The main reason(s) I have actually enjoyed my last two camping trips have been my brother and sister-in-law, who have been our ‘urban outfitters’/hiking guides for several Utah trips.  When it comes to camping, I won’t leave home without them.  Pancakes and cowboy coffee, and a loaf of bread to lay my weary head after a nine-mile-death-hike-with-mike.  Good times.  Really.  And no one was more surprised that I loved it than me.

We are not doing a camping trip this spring, and I will miss it.  We all will.  The motto of 2009 spring break is staycation, kids.  But, you wait, happy campers, we’ll be back another year, to doze on baked goods while dreaming of all those amazing sights.