If the score is still 2 to 2 near the end of the 3rd quarter, a tie takes on a whole new meaning.

One basketball season, we had a 0-10 record. Or was it 0-12? Or 0-15.  I really don’t want to remember, and neither does he.  Let’s just say the game where it was still 2 to 2 in the  3rd was one of the best games of the year; they were not getting pounded.  The whole experience was such a tough life lesson to watch unfold, the first time the child really tastes defeat.  He would ask “why, if I work so hard and try so hard, do we still keep losing?”  Why, indeed?  He had a terrific coach, who was so good with the kids and kept up a positive attitude.  Coach knew the game and how to coach it.  Everyone on the team tried their best, but their best was never enough to find the winning side of the scoreboard.  The life lessons kept coming, week after week.  He learned a great deal about teamwork in the face of adversity, not placing blame, and not taking on all the responsibility on his own little shoulders.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.  I had to learn to step out of the way and let him feel it.

In the grand scope of life, this is trivial.  I think of what children around the world have to deal with each day, and remember this is just a game.  I just hope the little lessons now will help him down the road.  Every day, may the good and the bad come in at least in a tie.