It doesn’t matter what the season;  every Saturday, Big D has that look on his face that says “hey, I could use a little help with _________ ” (fill in the ambitious project here).  He has an uncanny ability to identify something that needs doing, and just doing it.  After 23 years, I still don’t understand how anyone can operate this way.  It is just not in my nature.  I always have some reason why we should progress at a prudent pace, and maybe read a book for a while while we think about it.  And watch some birds.

Yesterday, it was chiseling a thick layer of ice off the driveway.  Now, in my defense, I had shoveled lots of snow off the top of that ice last week. Twice.  The ice that remained was an Act of God.  Acts of God are not covered in my policy.

Will the kids inherit his nature, or mine?  Is one nature really better than the other?  (Hey, D, don’t answer that.)  With kids, is it more nature than nurture?  Age-old questions that I won’t scurry to answer here.

The truth is, very little would actually get done around here if it wasn’t for him.  I was in denial about this until recently, but now I just embrace it as fact.  My strengths are just less obvious to anyone who is obsessed with project completion.  But they are still strengths.  If I go too fast, I miss lots of good stuff along the way.  What’s a girl to do when she just wants to kick back and enjoy each season? (And write about it?)