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We have been watching  a lot of the Food Channel lately.  Football season is essentially over, and it provides a pleasant respite from the constant science/how-it’s-made/how-to-blow-it-up-in-super-slow-mo  programming at our house.  Plus, as a perk, there are no erectile dysfunction ads on the Food Channel.

One show, I can’t recall the exact name, something like “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, was a particular favorite.  The family gathered around and watched intently as a group of foodies all recalled their singular most delicious dish ever.  Oxtail marrow spurred some spirited family discussion, as did the guinea hen cooked inside a pig bladder.  I’ll go on record and predict that the bladder-cooking method will be discussed around our dinner table for years.  It was bedtime; the boys begged to watch the end of the program, then went to bed presumably with visions of guinea hens dancing in their heads.

The next morning, since it was another snow day, The Professor and I lounged around in bed talking and thinking and talking.  He must have been thinking about pig bladders again, because he asked me what was the best food I had ever had.  After some reflection, I waxed poetic on lobster on the Maine shore, Tabla in NYC, and white clam pizza in San Fran.  I did not mention fried cheese curds in Wisconsin, although I do like those a lot.  Bottom line: I couldn’t choose a best best.  So, I asked him the same question.  What would he pick?  He thought for a long time, then stated “I hate to tell you this, Mom, but whatever was the best thing, I did not eat it in this house”.  The honesty of children is so refreshing, isn’t it?  I dropped the topic right there.

Later in our lazy day, he shared this random thought, which also takes the honor of Quote of the Day:

“School mashed potatoes and gravy are like heaven on a spork.”

So, I finally had my answer.  And my reminder to be careful what I ask for.