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OK, so, not one to rush into the 21st century, I am finally poking around to see what Facebook is all about.  And, um, blogs.  I was inspired by the speakers at a recent Writer’s Digest conference in Cincinnati.  Jane Friedman (great speaker, by the way) stressed the importance of creating an online presence, a robust platform, a connection to an identifiable network;  creating waves!  gaining visibility!  being remarkable!

All this took me about a month to digest before I could face the keyboard.

So, Facebook is a first baby step to figure out “what the fuss”.  And, now, the start of a blog of sorts.

Facebook feels weird.  I am afraid to write on anyone’s wall (feels like graffiti) so I just skulk around, peeking at what other people write, looking at their pictures – like a peeping tom outside the windows of someone else’s neighborhood.   Turns out lots of people I know across the country  are on there, of course.  Which everyone else apparently already knew.  Having I been living in a cave?  (Or a suburb???)